Seven Seas Maritime Services


We invite seafarers, as well as shipowners who wish to obtain experienced and highly qualified employee, to cooperate with us. The recruitment process is based on the below general rules.

  1. Job advertisements are placed on the internet. All suitable applicants are considered without any preferences for a certain ship or a ship owner. Applications may be send in the form of a C.V. or the application form containing the description of the previous sea service to:
  2. The selection of applicants is done taking into consideration the previous work experience of the applicant and the requirements of the specific position.
  3. The job interview is in English.
  4. 7 Seas verifies documents such as qualifications certificates, courses, health certificates, seaman’s book, passport. As a minimum standard, all seagoing personnel are to be certified in accordance with the STCW, and appropriate flag state requirements.
  5. The previous work references are checked.
  6. Next step is an acceptance of the candidate.
  7. And finally – signing the employment contract and an agreement.